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Overview of Our STD Screening Services

We currently are accepting participants for our no-cost STD screening study at our site. Our organization is looking to advance research studies associated with STIs/STDs leading to more clinical data and better treatments.

How can this help?

87% of all diseases reported to public health organizations are sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 50% of men that contract chlamydia or gonorrhea do not display any symptoms. This applies to 70% of women. This emphasizes the urgency in getting tested if you are sexually active.

Potential symptoms:

  • Coital pain, difficulty, or bleeding (during intercourse)

  • Dysuria (urinary tract infection)

  • Pelvic, uterine, or adnexal pain

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge

  • Painful bowel movements

  • Painful swallowing

  • Rectal bleeding, discharge, or itching

  • Sore throat

  • Swollen or tender lymph nodes in the neck


If left untreated, STIs/STDs can lead to several other health issues such as infertility, cervical cancer, and peritonitis, in addition to being even more dangerous to women who are pregnant.

You may be eligible to take part in the study if you:

  • are female and at least 14 years of age

  • women with or without symptoms

  • agree to urine pregnancy testing

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