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Clinical Trial Services 

Our clinical research sites focus on key elements during the life of your project to ensure the investigator site is successful. At each stage, the site is evaluated on qualification, performance, and communication

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Study Startup

During study startup, a number of tools and metrics are utilized to ensure only the optimum patient population  are selected. Site setup and management during the study startup phase is done quickly and efficiently.

Chart & Stethoscope
Study Closeout

Study closeout activities ensure all sites have a final ‘audit ready’ status and the TMF is complete. Site files are audited prior to closeout visits and a second review of all study documents, including study logs and drug accountability are completed.

Scientist in the Lab
Study Conduct

Superior site management during the active phase of a project is achieved through a teamwork mentality. In-house staff, project management, and monitors work closely with investigators and site staff to provide study oversight, document management, effective communication, and ensuring we always ‘tie up loose ends’.

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